How to Choose Chairs for Your Conference Room

Every conference room is unique in size, layout, and function, so there is never a one-size-fits-all solution for board room chairs. It is important for organizations to ensure they offer comfortable seating, enough chairs for everyone, and furniture that complements the room. Some companies may also have an executive board room to furnish or wish to include an executive office chair at the head of a table.

Regardless of your team’s specific needs, you will find that there are unlimited conference room chairs available. You can choose task chairs, guest chairs, ergonomic chairs, mesh chairs, executive chairs, or a combination that works best for you.

Below, we offer tips on choosing chairs for your conference room based on the most common considerations.  

Evaluate the Room

The space you have available will likely be one of the biggest factors influencing your purchasing decisions. When evaluating the room, think about which styles will complement the existing (or planned) décor. Also consider which type of chairs will keep the room most functional.

Avoid purchasing chairs that clash with the paint colours, wood stains, wall art, or branded signage. In addition, try not to bring in conference room chairs that take up too much space and make the room feel cramped or overwhelming.

Determine How Many Chairs You Need

Perhaps you have a firm budget, limited storage, or you simply may not want to purchase more chairs than you need at this time. To ensure you order the perfect number of chairs for your team’s needs, be realistic about how many conference room chairs you need before placing an order.

Remember that all your chairs do not need to be one style. If you have a smaller space and a large team where not everyone needs to sit around the table, consider placing smaller guest chairs along the walls to keep the space tidy without sacrificing functionality.

Make a Statement at the Head of the Table

Do you have a CEO, department director, or other high-ranking members of your team who wish to have an executive office chair at the head of the table? Executive office chairs make a statement and communicate authority, so they are a popular choice for many companies.

Purchase executive office chairs for an individual or choose to buy several to elevate executive meeting spaces and ensure all your VIPs have a top-quality chair. Office Seating can offer the same look and feel for boardroom chairs where your staff sits for shorter periods as for ergonomic (task) chairs where employees work for 8+ hours per day. Task chairs have a wide range of functions and adjustments while your conference room chairs may only allow for height adjustments, but they can all look the same if you want them that way!

Shop Top Quality Conference Room Chairs 

Have you evaluated your conference areas and considered the needs of your unique team? Did you think about whether or not you will add an executive office chair for your highest-ranking colleagues? Are you ready to browse a robust selection of top-quality boardroom chairs? If so, consider shopping with Office Seating.

We have a team of experts ready to assist you in selecting and ordering conference room chairs that provide a comfortable seat for everyone at your table. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.