Guest Office Chair Choices and Considerations

Guest chairs are key to making a positive first impression and ensuring everyone has a spot to sit when they arrive in your reception area, conference room, or private office space. Not surprisingly, guest chairs that are dated, worn, ripped, or stained send the wrong message to your clients and reflect poorly on your business and your team. Therefore, you should strive to maintain your guest chairs and replace them when they no longer complement and elevate your space.

Guest chairs can last for many years with proper care. In addition, you will likely be buying more than one at a time. For these reasons, you should be confident in your selection before making a purchase.

Below, we cover guest office chair choices and considerations to help you determine which guest chair options will suit your visitors and spaces best.

Consider the Purpose of the Guest Seating

Before shopping for guest seating, you should consider the type of visitors you have and how they will use the chairs. For example, will they sit for less than 15 minutes in your reception area while they wait for their interviewer to arrive? Or will they remain seated in the guest chair for hours while attending a seminar or waiting for the doctor? Another consideration is whether your guests arrive alone or if they often have children in tow.

In addition to the factors above, you should think about how many people will be sitting in the guest chairs each day. Do you and your team have a very high volume of people coming and going, or is traffic in your reception or meeting areas lighter?
All these considerations will likely impact whether you opt for simple chair designs that are lightweight, budget-friendly, easy to clean, and more cost-effective to replace every few years. Or perhaps they help you decide that you can invest in more deluxe options that offer more cushioning and higher-end upholstery.  

Seek Styles that Complement Your Space

While your users’ needs are your primary consideration, you cannot forget that your guest chairs must also suit your office spaces. Choosing guest chairs that do not complement your interior or that will take up too much space may not be the best investment. Think carefully about which colours will match the room, how much space you have to work with, and the dimensions of your chairs before you buy. It is a recommended best practice to buy the same guest chairs for various areas of your workplace so they can be moved around easily as needed, without anyone noticing and yelling, “Who moved my chair?”! 

Shop for Guest Chairs in Canada

Have you identified the needs of your guests and considered which chair styles and designs will elevate the look, feel and function of your office space? Are you ready to browse a robust selection of guest office chairs? Take a look at all that Office Seating has to offer.

If you need help finding the perfect fit, our team of experts is happy to answer any questions and ensure you find styles that create a positive first impression and meet the needs of all your guests. Reach out to us today.