6 Reasons Having a Comfortable Work Chair is Essential

6 Reasons Having a Comfortable Work Chair is Essential

Posted by Office Seating Canada on 2023 Jul 12th

If you work from home or at the office, the first step to creating a functional workspace is investing in a comfortable office chair. Whether you need the additional support a big and tall office chair provides or require something more breathable, like a mesh office chair, the right one can help you stay on task.

That's why the team from Office Seating has collected these five important benefits of having a comfortable office chair for you below!

1. Boosted Productivity

Working when you're uncomfortable can take a toll on your physical and mental well-being. Unfortunately, this also makes you less productive. In fact, it could even force the need for taking more, or longer breaks throughout the day. However, the right office chair can be perfect for staying on task and making it through the workday without falling behind on things.

2. Increased Comfort

It's no secret that the right office chair can drastically improve your comfort throughout the day. That's why so many people invest in models with additional back support or padding. Since the average workday is anywhere from 6-8 hours, remaining sedentary behind a desk or in front of a computer can certainly take its toll. However, a more comfortable chair can leave you feeling more rested at the end of the day and more excited about the workweek ahead.

3. Improved Posture

Posture while working long hours is important for your body. Having the right posture can help minimize or eliminate back pain and other types of physical discomfort, which is why so many invest in ergonomic chairs. These chairs are made to be adjusted perfectly for your body and promote good posture. They come equipped with adjustable lumbar support for your back, in addition to features such as adjustable armrests and more to personalize your work chair for your height and body type.

4. Greater Employee Engagement

You might not think at first that a chair can improve employee engagement but when staff members are more comfortable, it makes a better work environment and can make the dynamic in the office a much more positive one. Additionally, your employees will be more comfortable, less stressed, and often, miss work less frequently, meaning they'll be able to increasingly meet any important deadlines.

5. Minimized Workplace Injuries

Chronic back pain and other issues can lead to serious physical injuries for some, which businesses often have to pay for via disability insurance or sick days. However, with the most comfortable chairs, such workplace injuries can be drastically reduced because your employees will be feeling, happy, healthy, and more able to do their work without injuring themselves.

6. Solutions for Individuals of Larger Structure

Above-average height individuals face unique challenges when it comes to finding a suitable office chair. Standard chairs often lack the necessary support and comfort for their specific needs. Ill-fitting chairs can result in discomfort, restricted movement, and increased pressure on the back, hips, and legs. To address these challenges, specialized office chairs designed for people with larger body sizes and above-average heights are available. These chairs feature reinforced frames, wider seats, and taller backrests to accommodate larger body sizes. They also offer adjustable features like lumbar support and armrests for a customized and ergonomic sitting experience.
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