A Guide to Choosing the Best Home Office Chair in Canada

A Guide to Choosing the Best Home Office Chair in Canada

Posted by Barry Einhorn on 2023 Jul 25th

When it comes to choosing the right office chair in Canada, there are a lot of options out there, making it seem somewhat daunting at first. However, the perfect chair exists for everyone, you simply need to consider your needs and find the best option. At Office Seating, we have a wide selection of office chairs, boardroom chairs, executive seating, and more.

Here we wanted to highlight some of the factors to weigh when choosing an office chair for the workplace or your home office.

4 Tips for Choosing The Best Office Chair for You

1. Choose One with Proper Back Support

Selecting an office chair with the proper back or lumbar support can make your workday more productive. With adjustable lumbar support, you can ensure your office chair offers the maximum comfort you need to make it through the day. That’s why many choose ergonomic chairs with features like adjustable back tension, back angle, seat depth, tilt, and more.

2. Select Breathable Fabric

Mesh office chairs, or ones made from other fabric that offers adequate airflow and breathability. The last thing you want is to be sweating or too hot while working, which is what make breathable fabric key for comfort.

3. Opt for Adjustability

When it comes to choosing a chair that will match your body’s weight, height, and posture, the more adjustable options it comes with the better. Choose a chair that not only looks sturdy but also provides you the option to adjust its backrest, seat pans, tilt, armrests, and height. Doing so will enable you to sit at your desk at the right level and also take care of tasks that might require you to lean forward or back.

4. Buy One with Waterfall Seating

Nowadays, office chairs with waterfall seating are preferrable because they boast a rounded front edge and studies have proven they help you maintain a better posture. Since they slightly slope forward chairs with waterfall designs help relieve back pressure and enable improved blood flow by better supporting your knees and thighs.

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