An Expert’s Guide to Global Office Chairs | Office Seating

An Expert’s Guide to Global Office Chairs | Office Seating

2023 Sep 15th

When it comes to being comfortable in the office, having the right Global Office Chair can make all the difference. Not only does Global Office Furniture boast a strong reputation for being reliable and durable, but its office chairs come in every shape and size.

That’s why the team from Office Seating wanted to highlight some of the different types and features of Global office chairs for you here!


There are a variety of different upholstery types for Global Office Chairs. The most popular include upholstery with rolled and pleated details, and is available in an array of fabrics, vinyl, or fine Italian leathers, as featured on the Global Accord™ Upholstered High Back Tilter. Global chairs also come in breathable mesh, faux leather, and genuine leather.


Global Office Chairs come in all types, so it’s easy to find the right one for you. They manufacture everything from computer and executive chairs to specialized ergonomic chairs, drafting stools, active seating, and more!


Because everyone’s body has different needs when it comes to the ideal office chair for their workstation, Global Office Chairs come in a wide range of sizes. This includes not only the standard-sized chair (for people 5’ 5” to 6’ 0” tall and weighing 250 pounds) but petite and big and tall office chairs.

Seat Type

Having the right seat type in an office chair is key, especially if you spend long hours each day behind the desk. Global Office Chairs feature seating types that are designed to easily adjust to your body height, as well as enhance your comfort. Some of today’s most popular seat types include pocketed coil systems that evenly distribute weight, in addition to memory foam seating, fabricated foam, and molded foam, all of which have their own advantages.


For those who move about the office a lot, having a chair that can comfortably roll to and from where you need to go can make your day much easier. That’s why a great office chair needs durable, high-quality casters. Global Office Chairs feature casters that come equipped with soft floor casters, designed to easily move across softer flooring such as carpeting, or hard floor casters for ease of use and to protect your office floor.

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