Choosing the Perfect Chair to Complete Your Home Office Setup

Choosing the Perfect Chair to Complete Your Home Office Setup

Posted by Barry Einhorn on 2023 Jul 25th

These days, many people are working from home or remotely from shared office spaces. This means that you’ll have to take it upon yourself to optimize your workspace for maximum efficiency and one of the best ways to do so is by purchasing a quality office chair that keeps you comfortable and focused.

As one of the leading providers of office chairs in Canada, the team from Office Seating has collected some insight here to help you choose the perfect chair for your home office setup or remote workspace.

Why Are Quality Office Chairs So Important?

You may be wondering why investing in a quality office chair is so important. Well, doing so can offer a variety of benefits. Not only can you prevent backaches, improve your posture, and reduce the risk of developing musculoskeletal issues, but you can also eliminate discomfort and headaches. This is because the right chair will provide all the necessary features to support optimal posture based on your height, weight, and other factors.

Please note that carpal tunnel syndrome is primarily associated with repetitive wrist movements and nerve compression in the wrist, rather than the chair itself. However, a well-designed office chair can contribute to overall ergonomics and support proper alignment, reducing the strain on your wrists and potentially minimizing the risk of developing related discomfort.

What to Look for in a Home Office Chair in Canada

When you’re searching for the ideal home office chair, there are some key factors to keep in mind so you choose the best one for your needs. We’ve listed some of the foremost ones for you below!

Adjustable Features

The best home office chairs are equipped with a variety of features that enable you to adjust them for your personal comfort. A chair equipped with an adjustable height, seat depth, back position, and tilt will make it easy to customize it for your body. Chairs with adjustable height enable you to sit properly, with the height of your desk and chair letting your arms sit by your side with your forearms parallel to the floor, making it easy to type and perform your daily work. You should also be able to easily have your feet placed flatly on the floor while sitting.

Wheelbase & Tilt

A chair with a good wheelbase and tilt will make it easier to move around in your office, should you have to learn backward or forward while completing tasks, or slide over to the printer without getting up.

Ergonomic Options

For those that want the maximum amount of features to personalize their office chair, choosing an ergonomic one is best, as you’ll be able to customize it perfectly for your body type. Ergonomic office chairs come with additional features, such as movable lumbar support to improve posture and provide added support for your back.

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