Key Features To Look For In A Big And Tall Office Chair

Key Features To Look For In A Big And Tall Office Chair

Posted by Office Seating Canada on 2023 May 11th

If you are a person with a larger frame or are taller than 6 foot 4 inches, finding a comfortable office chair can be a challenge. Luckily, there are big and tall office chairs designed specifically to accommodate individuals with larger frames.

Here, Canada’s leading office chair company Office Seating discusses what a big and tall office chair is and the key features to look for when selecting one.

What Is A Big And Tall Office Chair?

Big and Tall chairs are specifically designed to accommodate individuals whose frames exceed 250 pounds or a height of 6 foot 4 inches. These chairs are equipped with features to ensure user comfort and support. For instance, tall chairs feature high backrests and a slightly higher seat height adjustment range compared to standard office chairs. Chairs designed for users over 250 pounds are wider and have thicker padding to provide additional support.

It is important that employers give ergonomic education to their employees so they improve their posture to avoid long term effects and at the same time increase productivity.

Key Features To Look For

  • Adjustable Seat Height

It is important to properly adjust your office chair to ensure comfort and prevent strain on your body. Your chair’s seat height should match the height of your desk. This will ensure that your arms are at a comfortable angle when typing. Make sure that the backrest of your chair provides adequate support for your spine.

The gas lift or pneumatic cylinder is the component responsible for adjusting the height of the chair. A standard chair cylinder is usually designed to adjust the seat height from about 16 to 21 inches, while a tall chair cylinder can adjust the seat height from about 21 to 28 inches or more.

  • Adjustable Seat Depth

To achieve the proper sitting posture, it's important to have a chair with adjustable seat depth to match your upper leg length. This will ensure that the edge of the seat is positioned just behind your knees when you are seated in the appropriate position. By making this adjustment, you can enhance your comfort and reduce the risk of discomfort or strain on your body while sitting.

  • Back Height And Angle Adjustment

To achieve optimal comfort and support for your neck and lower back while sitting, it's recommended to adjust the back of your chair, including the headrest and lumbar support. You can adjust the angle of the chair-back to ensure that the lumbar support is positioned comfortably. This will help reduce strain and discomfort in your lower back, improving your overall posture.

In order to benefit from the lumbar support, the user must place his/her back against the back of the chair, however some people work with their elbows on the desk and therefore they won’t benefit as much of lumbar support which is designed to prevent long term back problems

  • Tension Control And Tilt Lock

To achieve optimal comfort while sitting, it's important to lock your chair into a tilt position that feels most comfortable for you. In addition, you can adjust the resistance of the chair's tilt to your preference by using the tension control. This will allow you to customize the level of resistance as you recline, providing a comfortable and supportive experience while seated.

Big people may not be tall but overweight and usually they need either a wider seat or at leat the ability to have the armrests ability to set them wider so they fit on the seat. Heavy people also need to make sure the seat will be able to safely support their weights (i.e 350 lbsd)

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