A Guide to Buying the Best Global Office Chair for You

A Guide to Buying the Best Global Office Chair for You

Posted by Barry Einhorn on 2023 Jul 25th

When it comes to selecting a new office chair, if you spend a lot of time behind the computer or at your desk, you need one made specifically for you. Having the proper chair will help you stay focused and reduce any aches and pains from working long hours. But sometimes, choosing the ideal office chair is easier said than done, so the global office furniture experts from Office Seating have collected this helpful guide for you here.

Ergonomic Office Chairs

For those who need a chair that offers adjustable options to enhance their comfort and posture, ergonomic office chairs are the best choice. This is because they come with adjustable lumbar support, seat tilt, armrest height, seat height, and many more customizable options for maximum comfort throughout the day.

Mesh Office Chairs

Mesh office chairs are not only comfortable but are made with a light, breathable mesh material to enhance airflow and keep you cool all day long. That’s why many prefer mesh over other alternatives. There are also many ergonomic mesh options as well, so you can have the best of both worlds.

Big & Tall Office Chairs

Finding the right chair to fit your body type isn’t always easy, especially if you’re taller or have a heavier frame than most people. However, big and tall office chairs are made specifically for those with such body types and come in a variety of makes and models to suit your needs such as Office Seating’s Icon Aero Big & Tall, Global ObusForme Comfort XL - 1251-3, and the OSP AirGrid Mesh Office Chair.

Boardroom or Task/Operator Chairs

Although these types of chairs are still designed with comfort in mind, they’re also meant to be more basic and are more economically priced. They’re not meant to be used for sitting in for long hours but are perfect for using for a few hours during that quarterly meeting or monthly board presentation.

Kneeling Office Chairs

Those that might want to try a different approach to working on their posture may want to consider investing in a kneeling office chair, which is built with ergonomic properties. It features a place to rest your knees and a seat that encourages good posture and minimizes chronic back pain. It reduces stress on the lower back by dividing your body’s weight between the knees and buttocks.

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